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Topco's Packaging Development Process

Projectivity is Topco Associates packaging development, project organization and digital asset management process. Projectivity is a flexible tool that provides member and supplier partners with accurate and auditable packaging artwork to drive improved speed to market and launch timing.

Projectivity leverages a clear, well-defined process to drive efficiencies, including but not limited to:

  • Provide a collaboration platform to enable better decision making between suppliers, members and Topco
  • Improve estimate accuracy by requesting packaging information prior to providing project pricing
  • Increase visibility into timeline expectations and the status of each project
  • Access to concept artwork files via Projectivity, instead through email and FTP
  • Ability for suppliers to upload artwork into Projectivity for approval and receive edits and annotations directly on the artwork via Projectivity
  • Systematic capture of packaging development artifacts and digital asset management

For questions or more information, please contact projectivity@topco.com or 1-844-280-3995.


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