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Topco believes sustainability is an important business strategy. As such, sustainability is integral in everything we do.

Topco supports the Food Marketing Institute’s Sustainability Task Force definition of sustainability: "Business strategies and practices that promote the long-term well being of the environment, society, and the bottom line."

That is our triple bottom line. We are committed to doing what's good for the environment, for the communities in which we and our members do business, and for improving profitability. There is no conflict in doing what's best for the environment, the people who work for us and for our suppliers, and helping our members grow profitability.

All of Topco's procurement and program management employees are accountable for insuring that the products and services handled by Topco for its members satisfy our commitment to our triple bottom line. Topco is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable operations, and will continually work to reduce waste, use less energy, and ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct.
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