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The Topco Pharmacy program is one of the largest and fastest growing programs in Topco. The program includes the Aggregated Pharmacy Initiative (API), Managed Care Services, Specialty Pharmacy, Medicare Part B Accreditation, Pharmacy Supplies, Direct Generic Pharmaceuticals, E-Services, and Industry & Regulatory Support.

The Aggregated Pharmacy Initiative (API) includes 27 member companies and more than 2,500 pharmacies. Through the API, Topco enables our members to be cost competitive as compared to national and regional drug chains and mass-market pharmacies. Another offering within the Pharmacy program is the Managed Care Initiative which includes the MAC Action Center and Support and Prescription Savings Club. There will be more Managed Care offerings in the future.

The Direct Generics initiative provides an aggregated solution for Topco members with licensed pharmaceutical distribution centers. The combined purchasing power of Topco member participants is leveraged in contract price negotiations with generic pharmaceutical manufacturers to obtain more favorable pricing and supply. Member participants have realized significant reductions in their overall spend while experiencing an increase in profitability on generic pharmaceuticals purchased on a direct basis.

Topco stays on top of industry trends and tailors offerings to meet member's needs. As such, Topco offers a best-in-class solution to help pharmacies serve patients taking specialty medications. Members can choose from options as easy as a transfer network up to and including operating their own "specialty pharmacy."

The Pharmacy program offers a suite of electronic services, which include assistance with switching, reconciliation of claims and maintenance of electronic logs to meet applicable local, state and federal laws. Further, the Topco Pharmacy team provides industry and regulatory support to its membership. The specialized group serves as an information nexus, taking information from participants to the marketplace as well as communicating industry and regulatory news to the membership. A member of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Food Marketing Institute and PBMI, Topco Pharmacy meets regularly with congressional and industry leaders to discuss relevant pharmacy issues.

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