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Member Testimonials
Jack Brown
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Stater Bros. Markets
"Topco's come a long way, not only in their ability to serve its members, but also in their innovations."

Steve Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
Former Topco Chairman
"To put it simply, we've really enhanced the value equation of what Topco delivers to the members."

"In the last five years, our company has been able to take our corporate brand penetration from around 12 percent to about 20 percent -- and growing today. And, for every 1percent we add in corporate brand penetration, we add in excess of $1 million in gross profit to our company. We can't afford not to be engaged."

"I look around this room at some of the greatest grocers, wholesalers and foodservice providers. This is a national chain of retailers and our success is tied together. But I believe the way we engage has huge potential."
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